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Public ‘support drink-driving campaigns’

Public ‘support drink-driving campaigns’

28 May 2011

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Research has shown that most people support government campaigns on drink driving and other issues.

Two-thirds of Britons think that such campaigns play a key role in transmitting the message on areas of public concern and have no qualms about taxpayers’ cash being spent on them, according to research commissioned by Credos.

Credos – the Advertising Association’s independent thinktank – also revealed that it was drink-driving campaigns that received the most public support, with 77% of people backing them.

But more were in favour of the government spending its advertising budget on raising awareness of benefit fraud (60%) than awareness of terrorism (55%) and health issues such as diet (55%) and smoking (54%).

The research was carried out by pollsters ComRes, who interviewed 2,053 people in December.

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