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Inclusion health groups: The ICB approach

Inclusion health groups cover people who are socially excluded, such as sex workers and vulnerable migrants. They can also experience other risk factors for poor health, such as poverty, violence and complex trauma. Healthcare Leader's editor, Victoria Vaughan, talks to five experts about ICB work in this area.

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Healthcare data: How ICBs can encourage patient trust

Trust has been flagged as a major barrier to the progress of sharing and using data in Healthcare. Victoria Vaughan, editor of Healthcare Leader, talks to five experts about their approach to this issue

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Sustainability: How ICBs are approaching net zero

Climate change is widely seen as a health emergency. The NHS is the largest public sector contributor to emissions and system leaders must work to meet the net zero target by 2040. Victoria Vaughan, editor of Healthcare Leader, talks to four experts about their approach to sustainability and reaching the target

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Health inequalities: How ICBs are tackling this

Health inequalities are described as the golden thread that links the aims of integrated care boards (ICBs) and the wider integrated care system. Victoria Vaughan, editor of Healthcare Leader, talks to four ICBs about their approach to health inequalities and what difference they hope to make.

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Workforce: What role do ICBs play?

Workforce is a top concern for integrated care boards (ICBs). As part of Healthcare Leader's focus on this issue we brought together leaders from ICBs and University College London to discuss the challenges and solutions.

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Forthcoming roundtable: The role digital and technology in the system
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