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Workers seeing ‘fewer pay rises’

4 August 2011

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The majority of workers across the country have not seen their wages increase during 2011, research shows.

Most have experienced a wage freeze, and one in 20 have seen their pay fall over the past six months, with cuts hitting public sector workers the hardest.

Just one in four lucky employees have seen their salary increase, the survey of 2,000 workers reveals.

During this year around four in five public sector workers have not had a pay rise, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) said.

In contrast half of workers in private firms have seen their pay go up.

Those who did receive more money saw their wages jump by an average of 3%.

Pay rises are most likely in Scotland, the CIPD said. While in contrast the “pay-freeze capital” of the UK was named as the North West, with three quarters seeing no change to their salaries, followed by the West Midlands with 66%.

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