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Tea round ‘linked to promotion’

Tea round ‘linked to promotion’
27 May 2011

Workers looking to get on in the workplace would be advised to get involved in the tea round, according to new research.

A survey by office supplies firm Viking found a direct link between promotion and making drinks for their work colleagues.

Some 41% of workers said they thought they made their fair share of tea and coffee in the office.

However more than half of the 1,600 workers polled said they were put off making drinks for their colleagues because they were too fussy.

Sophie Christopher, from Viking, said: “Asking ‘how do you like it’ has never been more complicated because office workers are increasingly likely to specify their choice of tea and preferred infusion time or specify the precise amount of milk needed to create their perfect cuppa.

“Viking’s research has found there is a direct correlation between making lots of hot drinks for colleagues and getting promoted at work. It is mainly because being prepared to make the tea or coffee demonstrates qualities such as attentiveness, humility and proactivity which many employers welcome.”

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