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Report to advise on NHS reforms

Report to advise on NHS reforms

14 June 2011

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Health experts are set to feed back to the government on how it should carry out its reforms of the NHS.

A report from the NHS Future Forum will advise the government on how it should amend its controversial Health and Social Care Bill, which has been unpopular with large swathes of the medical community.

One of the most unpopular aspects of the bill among the medical profession and unions has been plans to boost competition between the NHS and private companies.

The prime minister has claimed that the government has listened to the opinions of the medical profession and that it will implement "real changes" to the reforms, including doctors and nurses having a say on commissioning care as well as GPs.

The hospital regulator Monitor will also have a duty to promote co-operation between services, and competition will only be increased when it benefits patients and improves choice.

Groups of GPs known as consortia will take responsibility for commissioning when they are ready, not by April 2013 as Andrew Lansley had planned.

New "clinical senates" are also to be established, made up of senior medical professionals to oversee local integration of NHS services.

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