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NHS needs “real change”

NHS needs “real change”

24 December 2014

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A call for “real change” in the NHS has been made by the British Medical Association (BMA). 

Peter Bennie, BMA Scotland’s council chair has made claims that the current reliance on the good-will of staff will not make the NHS sustainable.  

Ten years after publication of the Kerr report (A National Framework for Service Change in the NHS in Scotland), which advocated a shift to a more community-based and preventive approach to healthcare, Dr Bennie (pictured right) said it was time to revisit its recommendations, saying they had never been fully implemented. 

He said: “There has been a huge reliance on the goodwill of staff across Scotland to keep things going, but this is not a sustainable solution. 

“BMA Scotland is keen to develop greater consensus across the profession about how to do this, and to ensure that the new cabinet secretary for health, well-being and sport [Shona Robison] is supported to make it her priority, too. 


“BMA Scotland will continue to ensure that doctors’ voices are clearly heard, and that they are having a positive influence on the future of healthcare.”

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