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NHS England to collaborate with Incubator for Artificial Intelligence

NHS England to collaborate with Incubator for Artificial Intelligence
By Beth Gault
29 April 2024

The Incubator for Artificial Intelligence (i.AI) and NHS England have signed a collaboration charter to empower the NHS workforce to use AI safely.

The i.AI is a team of technical experts brought together by the government to help improve public services.

Under the agreement, the incubator will work to identify opportunities where technology can be used to support the NHS and deploy AI solutions. This will focus on non-clinical solutions, according to the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and will not develop new AI based medical devices and products.

The DHSC added that NHS England will retain control of data.

Vin Diwakar, interim national director of transformation at NHE England, said: ‘The NHS has already rolled out proven AI solutions, including to improve stroke care, and we see the potential for far wider applications that improve experience for patients and release more time for care.

‘Collaborating with experts across government offers the opportunity to find even more uses for AI solutions that free up time and money to reinvest in better services for those who need them.’

Health minister, Lord Markham, added: ‘This charter will help roll out innovative AI technologies across the NHS, speeding up tasks to allow clinicians to spend more time with patients.

‘AI is already transforming the way we deliver healthcare – halving treatment times for stroke patients, making it easier to book GP appointments, and boosting productivity.

‘We will continue to harness this kind of innovation to create a faster, simpler, and fairer health service.’

Last week it was revealed that one third of patients are in favour of clinicians using AI in consultation to improve documentation processes such as clinical letters.

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