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Most patients feel home tests would speed up diagnoses, survey suggests

Most patients feel home tests would speed up diagnoses, survey suggests
By Jess Hacker
13 February 2024

Nearly two-thirds (61%) of patients believe that being able to test at home could help speed up their diagnosis, with 77% happy to test themselves at home, a survey has found.

The survey also indicated that nine-in-10 felt it should be more straightforward to get the diagnostic tests they need, while three-in-five (60%) said they would be willing to pay tog et a test done if they faced a long wait.

The Patients Association – who led alongside Roche Diagnostics UK and Ireland – said the results demonstrate a desire for greater speed and urgency in access to early and accurate diagnoses.

The survey of 1,000 UK patients who had received diagnostic support from the NHS in the preceding six months also suggested:

  • One-third of respondents (33%) said there were no appointments available locally when they tried to get a test
  • Almost four-in-five (78%) of patients felt testing facilities should be provided closer to patients’ homes to make access easier
  • Seven-in-10 (70%) wanted a clearer understanding of how to access tests.

Chief executive of the Patient Association Rachel Power said: ‘Patients value diagnostic services – that’s very clear from the survey. Frustrations about access to tests came over loud and clear. Those taking the survey clearly value being partners in their care. And to partner with the professionals sending them for tests, patients need and want clear communication on how to get tests, why they need a test, and when they’ll get results. Healthcare professionals can improve patient-centred care when ordering diagnostic tests by explaining how, why and when.’

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