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London ambulance pilot to give paramedics faster access to patient data

London ambulance pilot to give paramedics faster access to patient data
By Hiba Mahamadi
25 April 2019

A programme designed to enable ambulance clinicians in London to access crucial patient information without having to disturb distressed patients has been launched.

The London Ambulance Service pilot, developed by NHS Digital, will allow clinicians to securely access summary care record data on an iPad.

Instead of using a smartcard or N3 broadband network, clinicians will be able to use the new NHS identity service to log into the system to access details about patients’ long-term conditions, ongoing prescriptions, allergies and other specific needs.

The aim is to cut the time medics need to spend with each patient, as well as to reduce A&E admissions.

The 16-week pilot will use Camden Ambulance Station and its 60 medics. The aim is to eventually roll out the service across the capital.

NHS Digital programme head Mike Walker said: ‘We hope to see that this brings real benefits to the working day of medics and A&E staff and, most importantly, to patients.’

London Ambulance Service chief clinical information officer Stuart Crichton added that this was an ‘exciting opportunity to use technology to improve patient care’.

He said: ‘By being able to securely access patient information on a tablet device at the patient’s side, our clinicians will have more information at their fingertips, enabling them to provide better and more informed care.’

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