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LIVE: NHS Healthcare Innovation Expo

LIVE: NHS Healthcare Innovation Expo
14 March 2013



When asked about the inclusion of other healthcare professionals, like nurses on healthcare commissioing boards, Dame Hakin says there was “no intention” that GPs would be the only commissioners. 
The formal launch of clinical commisioning groups (CCGs) is in two weeks, and NHS Commissioning Board chair Professor Malcolm Grant thinks that the entire idea behind it is “brave”. 
He said the NHS Commissioning Board will be “obsessed” with ensuring the new operation does not make any mistakes. 
“I have to emphasise, the transition from where we are today to where we will be in two weeks is probably the most significant change ever made to any government service. From April, 32,000 people will have a new employer,” he said. 
Professor Grant believes that CCGs will finally allow clinicians to make changes to the things they have been “complaining about for years. 
“These changes will allow clinicians to develop new relationships with local government in terms of improving public health, and health and social care. As we know, one of the main drivers of poor health is poor housing – housing that's damp, or has no heat.”
He added: “Our new relationship lies at the heart of what we do.”
Just like CNO Jane Cummings yesterday, Malcolm Grant feels deeply ashamed when reading through the Francis report
He mentioned that the Chief Nursing Officer is driving “a new culture to raise the self-esteem of nursing and care makers across England” and admitted that the NHS does need to change. 
The need for innovation isn't just driven by a need for change, but there's also the issue of money. As he puts it – “there isn't any”.
Professor Grant (pictured) says that although the NHS is good at innovating, the problem is with sharing the information around – or plagarism, as he calls it. 
He said: “We have teams who are doing wonderful innovation, but the rest can be bad at picking it up. The NHS is criticised for being non innovative, but I'd say that's not right – what we're bad at is plagarism.” 
It's a slightly earlier start at the NHS Innovation Expo today, as people start to file in for today's first talk. NHS Commissioning Board chair Professor Malcolm Grant will be on the main stage at 10.00 to talk about the modernisation of commissioning. 

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