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Healthcare Leader launches report on the primary care workforce

Healthcare Leader launches report on the primary care workforce
By Jess Hacker
9 March 2023

Healthcare Leader launches its latest report May the workforce be with you: What primary care wants today. It takes an in-depth look across the core primary care professions to reveal their hopes for the new integrated care system.

Bringing together opinions from leaders in general practice, pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, and nursing, the report looks at the current issues concerning each profession and what solutions they expect from the incumbent integrated care boards (ICBs).

Healthcare Leader’s report addresses concerns from leaders about the primary care voice being lost with the move to ICBs. It also seeks to unify the sector’s concerns, which are often seen as disparate.

In addition, the report examines current workforce and training numbers along with pay trends and qualification requirements.  

Editor Victoria Vaughan says: ‘Our report provides an easy-to-read overview of the issues across primary care. It is a direct response to ICB leaders’ concerns around workforce, which we know is the top concern for systems as they cannot tackle health inequalities without adequate primary care staffing.

‘Primary care is diverse but there are unifying concerns that ICBs are well placed to address, such as better planning, better commissioning, better support and better career progression – although they are required to do this while making significant cuts.

‘While leaders across healthcare await the government’s long-promised workforce plan, ICBs are busy assessing their needs and capacity across their systems to begin to address the current problems and future workforce needs.’

The report comes at a crucial moment for ICBs which, from April 1, begin taking on the commissioning of dentistry, pharmacy and optometry.

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