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Happy 70th birthday to the NHS

Happy 70th birthday to the NHS
By Valeria Fiore
5 July 2018

Today the NHS hits a milestone anniversary and health leaders across the country are tweeting out their birthday wishes for the organisation. 

Seventy years after the universal health system was introduced, people across Britain are celebrating its progress and its very existence. 

But it seems that only a few have remembered that we are also celebrating 70 years of social care today.

‘Proud to be British’ 

The NHS represents the idea that free healthcare is a human right and even after 70 years, its founding principles to meet the needs of everyone, to be free at the point of delivery and be based on clinical needs and not income are still its key features.  

Having a universal care system means that ‘everyone matters’. 



‘Brilliance’ of staff 

As NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens recognised that the success of the NHS is down to the ‘brilliance’ of its staff, healthcare leaders are expressing their gratitude for their frontline staff. 

Some are being quite creative with their wishes.  

Don’t forget social care 

Today we are also celebrating 70 years of social care, but its anniversary is going unnoticed when compared with the celebrations being hosted for the NHS. 

When the 1948 National Assistance Act was set up, it did not nationalise social care services. No public institution was created, and the services were not free at the point of use, according to The King’s Fund.  

Will social care stop being treated as the ‘Cinderella service’ as we move towards greater collaboration between health and social care? 


However, differently from the NHS – which will see its budget increase by £20.5bn in real terms by 2024, no similar announcement was made to celebrate social care. 



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