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Clinical commissioners welcome the Dalton Review

Clinical commissioners welcome the Dalton Review
8 December 2014

The NHS Clinical Commissioners “welcome” the removal of variation of standards within healthcare outlined in the Dalton Review.

Commissioned by the government, The Dalton Review outlines a series of organisational reforms that it says have, “the potential for wider adoption across NHS providers”.

The review recommends a wide range of measures to reorganise aspiring foundation trusts and speed up the acquisition of trusts that can not currently demonstrate long-term sustainability.

It concludes that currently a significant number of the 93 trust without foundation status “will not reach the required standards in their current organisational form”.

To rectify this, the report suggests that the NHS Trust Development Authority (TDA) should publish its assessment on each of the organisations along with what is required to reach trust status.

It is also recommended that the Department of Health should hold the TDA to account, ensuring that each trust meets key milestones.

Julie Wood, Director of NHS Clinical Commissioners (NHSCC), said:The Dalton Report is a vital part of the process to move the NHS to a more secure and sustainable place and the recommendations clearly sit alongside the Five Year Forward Viewambitions.”

“NHSCC welcomes the assertion that one size does not fit all and the overarching theme of the report to allow local health systems to work together to find the right local solutions for their patients and populations.”

“Sir David’s recommendation that national bodies and the wider system needs to accelerate its approach to transformation and change will be welcomed by our members – clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) are already working hard to innovate and deliver new models of care so to have the whole system working at the same pace will ensure that patients benefit.”

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