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Monitor releases care cost calculator

Monitor releases care cost calculator


Monitor has created a tool for commissioners to work out how much their local economy spends arranged by age group, patient group and care setting. 

The Excel-based tool, available on the government website, can forecast commissioner spends across different health and social care settings. 

Health sector regulator Monitor states in the User Guide that developing robust patient-level linked data sets to start integrating care can take several months. 

The Care Spend Estimating Tool has been developed to fill this gap. 

“At the simplest level, it allows you to create a quick indicative patient segmentation for a given locality, while only filling in some basic variables (and without requiring patient-level information),” the guide states. 

“It also allows you to do some simple tailoring, such as choosing one of the four available locality archetypes and the size of the total population, or providing more detailed input regarding the total spend per setting of care, population per age group/patient group and future demographic and non-demographic growth rates.” 

The tool will be revised as data is verified. 

However, the tool comes with a disclaimer that use is optional and “Monitor has no liability or responsibility to you… for any loss, damage, cost or expense caused by your reliance on the model”. 

Care Spend Estimating Tool is available to view online


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