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HWB sets obesity commissioning targets

HWB sets obesity commissioning targets


Sutton Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) has criticised the amount of obesity-tackling programmes in the area as insufficient. 

The HWB has set targets for obesity and physical exercise, and groups have been set up to combat the problem. 

Child and adult obesity is increasing in Sutton, and fewer people are exercising. 

Schools in the borough are revising their catering policies. The council is planning to improve the availability of healthy food choices in and outside the premises. Sugary drinks vending machines will eventually be removed. 

Money has been set aside from the Public Health ring-fenced budget to increase the availability of services. 

But the council was unable to divulge how much the budget was or how much money was to be spent on the borough’s obesity problem as they were about to go through a tendering exercise.

A spokesman for the National Obesity Forum said: "My advice would be to start young and catch them early - then you have got a real chance that this [advice] will stay with them.

"It will take 10 to 15 years for Sutton to see significant change. In my eyes that’s only if they address that problem now." 


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