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High diabetes amputation rates investigated

High diabetes amputation rates investigated


Part of Sussex has one of the highest diabetes-related amputation rates in the country, sparking an investigation. 

Eastbourne, Halisham and Seaford CCG was contacted by Diabetes UK after the charity raised concerns about the figures. 

Over the past three years there have been 106 amputations, at a rate of 4.2 per 1,000 of the diabetic population. 

The charity shows that 22.5% of diabetics in the area with foot problems are seen by a specialist within 24 hours of being admitted to hospital, and 86.4% did not have their feet checked during their stay. 

Diabetes UK regional manager Jill Steaton said: “It is deeply concerning that the diabetes-related amputation rate in Eastbourne, Halisham and Seaford is so high. 

“Diabetes-related foot problems can deteriorate in a matter of hours, so not seeing a specialist team quickly can literally be the difference between keeping your foot and losing it.” 

CCG chairman Martin Writer said: “It is common for sufferers of diabetes to experience foot problems, especially in older people, and we are grateful to Diabetes UK for its analysis.

“We will be looking at individual cases and assessing a range of factors including our population profile, how patients are referred for treatment and the range and level of services available for people with foot problems caused by diabetes.”


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