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Heart failure services commissioning tool unveiled

Heart failure services commissioning tool unveiled


A tool has been developed to help commissioners and providers bring 'triple value' to heart failure services. 

The tool looks at how commissioners could deliver better outcomes, better patient experience and better productivity. 

Developed by Achieving Commissioning Excellence, a partnership between the NHS Alliance and Novartis, the tool recommends a number of areas to think about when redesigning the local care pathway. 

It also emphasises that real value can only come from joined-up working across the health service and by sharing care between the patient, GP and hospital. 

Michael Sobanja, policy director, NHS Alliance, and chair, Achieving Commissioning Excellence said: “Too often the default financial system gets in the way of optimising care. 

"Together we can set it aside and replace it with something that works locally.”

Jennifer Gow, heart failure specialist nurse, Central Manchester University Hospitals Foundation Trust, said: “Heart failure is serious problem and we need to make sure that we deliver the highest quality service possible. 

"We are doing better - now I see patients with a heart failure diagnosis on echocardiogram who are managed better and have never decompensated - but we still need to do more.”

The tool is available to view on the Achieving Commissioning Excellence website


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