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Government support partnership which will transform public service delivery

Government support partnership which will transform public service delivery


Further funding has been granted to a personalised, community-based care and support partnership by the government.

The newly-agreed partnership released by Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) is aimed at transforming the provision of public services to allow people to become more independent and promote wellbeing.

The agreement includes the new concept of personalisation which is founded on what people feel is a priority for care and support.

Care Services Minister, Norman Lamb said: “I welcome today’s new partnership agreement, which brings together almost 50 national organisations, committed to drive forward a shared vision for personalisation and community-based support, a vision which I personally share. Personalisation is at the heart of the changes we need to see across our health and care system and is central to the Care Act now passed into law.

"This new agreement sets an ambitious agenda to build care and support around the whole person, their skills, aspirations and talents, as well as their needs, and provides a platform to extend this thinking across other public services too.”

The TLAP-partnership, which began in 2011, has expanded by obtaining further commitments from new organisations and now involves forty-eighty health, care and housing bodies. 

Each partner are dedicated to fulfilling their commitments by setting out plans on how they will contribute to the new vision, as well as a review of the first three years of the partnership being published.

Director of TLAP Sam Bennett said: “Think Local Act Personal is a unique approach to improving public services because we combine the delivery of a national programme with an ambitious movement for social change. We are pleased to welcome the new partners who will help and extend the reach and influence of TLAP’s work, particularly into health and housing. This time, all partners are making specific commitments for how they will support delivery of the agreement, which will help drive the agenda and ensure the sector take collective responsibility for this work”.

The commitments agreed upon between TLPA partners will be carried alongside work other to support the Care Act implementation and extend personal health budgets

The full TLPA Partnership Agreement and commitments are available to view online


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