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Five hospitals are under investigation following Mid Staffs Report

Five hospitals are under investigation following Mid Staffs Report


“Determined” to repair public confidence in healthcare, the NHS Commissioning Board (NHS CB) has launched investigations into five hospitals following the Francis Report.

The hospitals, which have had significantly high mortality rates for two years, will be subject to “immediate” investigation. 

Under investigation 

They are Colchester, Tameside, Blackpool Teaching Hospital and Basildon and Thurrock University foundation trusts and East Lancashire Hospitals Trust.

Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS CB Medical Director said: “Each of the hospitals we identify today is already under scrutiny by regulators. 

“This clinically-led and practical investigation will allow me to assure myself, Parliament and patients that these hospitals have everything they need to improve.”

“Practical support” will be offered by the NHS CB, which has said it will take on a “key leadership role” when it takes over day-to-day operation of the NHS in April. 

It is expected that more investigations will be announced. 

Death rates published

NHS CB will begin publishing consultant level outcomes data in surgical specialities, including mortality rates. 

As part of the steps to “restoring public confidence” it has introduced a duty of candour into the NHS contract. 

NHS CB will also develop a national “quality dashboard” to identify safety failures.  


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