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CSU mobile app launched

CSU mobile app launched


A mobile app which works as a directory of commissioning support units (CSUs) has been launched by NHS England to support CCGs to be the 'best customers they can be'.

Announced by NHS England's national director for commissioning development, Ros Roughton, it is one of the first steps towards collecting feedback on CCGs opinion of the services.

Speaking at the Commissioning Show, part of the Health+Care Event in London today, Roughton said NHS England will also be launching a consultation into procurement processes.

She said: “Under European law CCGs will have to access commissioning support through secure open competition.

“The consultation will explore how can we make that good value, and keep it as effective as possible so that we're not spending money on things that could otherwise be spent on patient care.”

Yet a member of Dorset CCG said their local CSU works in house, making it potentially very hard for them to go to tender or move to another support organisation.

Roughton explained that if services are provided in house it is “not required” for the CCG to put services out to tender.

But she added: “I would just make sure that you are confident you're getting the best value from tose services.

“One of the things we will mention when we launch the commissioning support strategy today is what kind of help or support do you want to make sure you're getting the best value from, so you're not obliged to go out to tender.”

More information will be available on the Commissioning Support Strategy after Bob Ricketts speech today, but it is expected to be a framework with which NHS England can ensure both “tools and rules” are aligned to optimise success, according to Roughton. 


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