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CCG success stories unveiled

CCG success stories unveiled


Fifteen examples of innovative commissioning have been released in a report from the NHS Clinical Commissioners. 

Examples range from replacing boilers and insulating homes in Oldham clinical commissioning group (CCG), to a group of five CCGs working with Macmillan Cancer Support to develop new care pathways. 

The report claims all case studies in the report are “delivering higher quality care that is better value for money”. 

In the foreword, Health Select Committee chair Stephen Dorrell wrote: “The report does not contain evidence of magic solutions, but it does provide hard examples of CCGs who have engaged with local clinicians and service providers to deliver service change which makes a real difference. 

“It allows the reader to identify common themes which can be applied elsewhere – not always in the same way, but motivated by the same experience. The importance of this report is not that it offers a unique new theory; it is more unique than that, it offers evidence.” 

Many of the CCGs featured in the report have joined up NHS services to deliver better care. 

Dr Michael Dixon, president of NHS Clinical Commissioners, said: "The stories being published today are the tip of the iceberg and only just begin to highlight the energy and enthusiasm with which CCGs have taken up this challenge. 

“From the smallest CCGs to large-scale county-wide collaborations, they show the power that can be unleashed when clinical leaders, local government, the voluntary sector and private providers all work together."

Dr Steve Kell, co-chair of the NHSCC Leadership Group said: "Putting clinicians in the driving seat has been the fundamental shift that was needed. It happened less than a year ago and yet already the proof is right here in front of us. Not just talk but real examples and real data showing that people's lives are changing for the better. 

“These case studies say it all." 

The full report is available to view on the NHS Clinical Commissioners website.


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