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CCG launches integrated care programme

CCG launches integrated care programme


A large-scale integrated care programme has been announced to tackle a £75 million shortfall in one CCG

Eastern Cheshire CCG estimates there could be a £12-15 million deficit per year for the next five years, due to inefficient working and increased service demand.

But the Caring Together programme, which aims to introduce better care in the home, as well as joining up health and social care, could improve the standards of care. 

Eastern Cheshire CCG chair Dr Paul Bowen said: “We are now at the point where the sustainability of good quality local services is in doubt unless there is a change in both the culture of care and in the design of how care is funded and provided. 

“Over the last 12 months there has been considerable progress in building a strong working relationship and agreeing the necessary direction of change between all local NHS organisations and the Council."

The CCG claims that Caring Together will make “better use of GPs, community care and the voluntary sector, while also ensuring that when care in the hospital is needed it is for the right reasons”. 

Samantha Nicol, Caring Together programme director said: “Caring Together is our response in Eastern Cheshire to maximizing the benefits of the resources we have - people, pounds and places - to meet the current and future care needs of the local population.

"It is an ambitious, far reaching and innovative programme approach which will make care as straightforward and joined up as possible.”

By this December Eastern Cheshire CCG has pledged to create a robust financial model which will demonstrate how much money the scheme will save.  

Some parts of the scheme are expected to take up to five years to implement. 

Other CCGs with a declared deficit include: 

  • Barnet CCG - £30 million 
  • Croydon CCG - £19.9 million
  • Vale of York CCG - £19 million 
  • Oxfordshire CCG - £8.8 million 
  • Herts Valleys CCG - £4.7 million 
  • Stafford and Surrounds CCG - £855,000

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