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CCG 'conditions' update

CCG 'conditions' update


Following a CCG review, many will begin commissioning with no “requirement of on-going support”, according to NHS England (formerly the NHS Commissioning Board). 

The total number of fully authorised clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) is just over half (106 out of 211). 

A further 47 CCGs have formally discharged some of their conditions, while two have had legal directions removed. 

But there are still 14 CCGs who have legal directions, meaning their conditions are underpinned by legally-mandated support from NHS England or another CCG. 

One CCG has newly been given legal directions, and some conditions have been prioritised, meaning the CCG must receive additional sign-off for some areas of its work. 

“As we have always anticipated, CCGs are at differing levels of maturity, so some do need intensive support, while others are already well advanced,” said Dame Barbara Hakin, National Director for Commissioning Development at NHS England. 

She said she is “delighted” that so many CCGs will begin work with “only a small number of conditions”. 

Hakin added: “Local clinicians are enthusiastic about the opportunity to shape healthcare on behalf of their local communities, and that enthusiasm has shone through during the authorisation process.” 

NHS England will continue to review CCGs and remove conditions once progress has been demonstrated. 


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