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BMA: 'Useless' QOF targets should be removed

BMA: 'Useless' QOF targets should be removed


The British Medical Association (BMA) will be targeting QOF targets that are ‘no longer a sign of quality’. 

A letter to the profession from newly appointed GP committee chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul claims he will be fighting to remove QOF targets that do not benefit patients. 

The BMA will also be arguing for the removal of “bureaucratic and non-evidence based demands”, with the hope of reducing GP workload to more manageable levels. 

Dr Nagpaul said he will forge a “renewed relationship with the government”, demonstrating the importance of investing in primary care. 

He said: “Sadly, a high QOF score can no longer necessarily be seen as a sign of quality. 

“The changes in QOF and particularly those imposed in England this year have resulted in indicators that force us to spend time ticking boxes during consultations at the expense of directly attending to patients’ needs.” 

The full letter is available to view on the British Medical Association website. 



QOF should great potential as a clinical quality tool unti the DH decided to hijack it as a means to claw back cash from GP Practices. The DH needs to apologise and then try an rehabilitate QOF in the eyes of GP Practices.

I am surprised the BMA did not take this to judicial review - the 13/14 QOF is a disgrace.
A Practice Manager

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