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Bewick: Practice and CCG 'partnership' will improve care

Bewick: Practice and CCG 'partnership' will improve care


Real partnership is needed between GPs and clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) if the new ‘accountable’ GP enhanced service is to improve care. 

From 1 April 2014, practices can take part in an enhanced service designed to reduce avoidable unplanned admissions by improving services for vulnerable patients and those with complex physical, or mental health needs. 

The enhanced service was created through reducing the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) by a third. 

But the NHS planning guidance also states that every CCG should use £5 funding for 2014/15 to fund services “over and above” those provided for by the new enhanced service, which will compliment its objectives.   

Mike Bewick, NHS England’s deputy medical director said: “This approach needs to be a real partnership between CCGs and GP practices. 

“There are clear benefits for appropriate use of hospital resources if practice are able to fulfil their new duties under this enhanced service.” 

Examples provided by Bewick include:

- Rapid response community nursing.

- Additional support from mental health service providers. 

- Designated district nursing. 

- Additional discharge coordinator services or targeted social care services. 

- Additional services from third and voluntary sector providers.

More information is available on the NHS England website


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