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Integration Resource Centre

Integration Resource Centre

The integration resource centre provides articles and news on all things concerning integration between health and social care and also primary and secondary care.

With integration a driving force behind changes in the NHS, we offer news, analysis and insight on how this is being done in CCGs across the country.

Integration news

NHS England has ranked all 44 local NHS reform plans revealing five to be lagging behind in measures that include patient safety, general practice, leadership and finance
UK survival rates are lagging behind the European average in most cancers, a new report by a pharmacy trade body has found
Better use of community hospitals could be the key to more efficiency in the NHS, new research has found
Caroline Chipperfield talks about the importance of STPs and what is needed to do to ensure they’re a success.
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Integration analysis

Friday 7 August 2015
Optical practices will provide free health and lifestyle check-ups in a new initiative launched this week
Wednesday 5 August 2015
A bid for further devolution in the South East was “like a bolt out of the blue” for a Hampshire CCG, who were cut out of the councils’ plans
Tuesday 28 July 2015
Pioneering Islington CCG is leading the way in integration and reaping the rewards
Tuesday 28 July 2015
A 2013 pioneer programme unites care providers together and enables Kent to improve patient care
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