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Two CCGs adopt the Living Wage

Two CCGs adopt the Living Wage


Two clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) will now be paying all staff the Living Wage. 

The Living Wage scheme aims for all staff to be paid a minimum of £7.65 an hour, which has been calculated as the basic cost of living in the UK. 

For London, the Living Wage is slightly higher, at £8.80 per hour. 

Tower Hamlets health and wellbeing board (HWB) committed to paying the London Living Wage in December 2013. 

The local council, Barts NHS Trust, East London Foundation Trust and Tower Hamlets CCG will be paying the wage to all staff, including any contracts commissioned from third parties. 

Mayor of Tower Hamlets and HWB chair, Lutfur Rahman said: “The council has been paying the London Living Wage for quite some time and I am pleased this has now extended to all our health partners. Together we have reaffirmed the commitment to fair pay for everyone in the borough.”

Brighton and Hove CCG has also adopted the Living Wage, following the local Sussex Community NHS trust. 

CCG chairman Xavier Nalletamby said: “We believe that by adopting the living wage, we are setting a powerful example to other organisations in the area to do the same.

“At present, 18% of people working in Brighton and Hove live in relative poverty and all organisations need to play an active role in reducing that number for the benefit of the community in which we live and work.”

A spokesman for Living Wage Brighton and Hove said: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome the CCG to the campaign - it is a real boost to the campaign having them on board and sends a clear message that in 2014 even more businesses are going to be making a difference and looking after the people who work for them.

“It makes sense for business and it makes sense for people.”


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