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Too much spending on management

Too much spending on management


The annual NHS spend on management has doubled according to the British Medical Journal (BMJ)

Spending on management consultancy has increased from £313m to £640m between 2010 and 2014 .

This is according to figures obtained through a Freedom of Information request by David Oliver, a former clinical director at the Department of Health.

This is despite promises made in 2010 by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley to make significant cuts in this area.

David Oliver said: “This is enough to run three medium sized hospitals or employ about 2000 extra nurses.

“In times of war, arms dealers, rebuilders, and racketeers profit from the chaos.”

He believes that the “disruptive innovation” within the NHS has allowed management consultancies to “walk away from bad or damaging advice with no consequences.”

He said: ““Let’s ensure that all consultancy is subject to a rigorous audit of value and impact and whether it needed to be contracted out at all.

“It’s time for management consultants to face the same transparency and accountability as the rest of us.”


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