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Slated out of hours provider pays back £85k

Slated out of hours provider pays back £85k


Cornwall’s out of hours GP service has handed back tens of thousands of pounds as a ‘goodwill gesture’ following a damning report released by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

The report, which revealed that Serco had manipulated figures on 252 occasions to show improved performance, was released yesterday. 

Serco has offered to pay back more than £85,000 it was given by the former primary care trust (PCT) last year. 

Kernow CCG, who has taken on Serco’s contract, confirmed the providers agreed to repay all performance-related pay for 2012. 

Joy Youart, managing director of NHS Kernow, told the local newspaper: “During constructive conversations with Serco, the company offered to return past bonus payments as a gesture of goodwill.

"We have since tightened the application of the contract so that Serco only receives performance payments if it is meeting all quality requirements."

The money will be reinvested in improving local services.

NHS Kernow confirmed that no bonus payments have been made to Serco since it took control over commissioning, adding that service performance had improved significantly.


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