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Sir Bruce: Focus on practicalities of seven-day working

Sir Bruce: Focus on practicalities of seven-day working


Ideas around improving access to the NHS must be switch from “seven-day working” to “seven-day services” an NHS England official has claimed. 

According to Sir Bruce Keogh, the term “seven-day working” has an emphasis on people delivering the services. 

He feels the NHS should be talking about “seven-day services, with an emphasis on the people receiving the services instead. 

Speaking at an NHS Improving Quality event in London,  Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS England’s national clinical director said the most important questions are not ‘how’ and ‘why’, but ‘how much will this cost?’ and ‘how will we do it?’. 

He said: “The answers are beginning to emerge. We know in the work we have done already that we are able to find the solutions for providing services at weekends. 

“This is the most exciting challenge we have faced in the last decade, and if we get it right it will make us a world leader.” 

Different answers will emerge in rural and metropolitan areas, according to Sir Bruce, and there is “ambition and pride in doing the right thing”, he believes. 

Representatives of the 13 Early Adopter communities set up as part of the 7-Day Service Improvement Programme shared how they are improving access to high quality services on every day of the week.

Dr Ann Drive, NHS IQ’s head of programmes for seven-day services and acute care said: “We are getting more and more people asking how they can get involved. 

“We need to build new models, innovations and solutions to make the change to seven-day services happen at scale and pace. We want to target the top innovations that put seven-day services ahead of the game.” 


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