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Revealed: Plans of new urgent care vanguards

Revealed: Plans of new urgent care vanguards

Details of the eight vanguards plans, which will be developed with NHS England, Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority

The eight urgent care vanguard sites have been announced today and NHS England, Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority will work with them to develop the new approaches listed below. 

South Nottingham System Resilience Group, which has more than 12 local partners including the South Nottingham and Erewash clinical commissioning groups (CCG), will focus on improving mental health by extending the National Mental Health 111 pilot.

Also, the group aims to improve access, clinical assessment and treatment to primary care clinicians at the ‘front door’ of the emergency department and enable more direct clinician-to-clinician conversations so that more patients are correctly directed to the right service.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG  will focus on creating a overarching super System Resilience Group (SRG). Some of it’s key aims will be to promote self-care, reassess service standards based on outcomes, and redefine payment methods to incentivise system redesign.

The North East Urgent Care Network spreads across both rural and urban areas, including Northumberland and County Durham and has a total population of 2.71 million. It aims to provide consistent and seamless care in terms of access and quality across its three major conurbations.

Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge System Resilience Group will simplify it's access, supported by a digital platform that will recognise patients and personalise the help they get. This includes a ‘click’ online support and information service to book urgent appointments and self-care, a ‘call’ telephone service for more advice, reassurance or to book-in, and a ‘come in’ option for patients who really need emergency care.

West Yorkshire Urgent Emergency Care Network will develop Yorkshire Ambulance Service into a mobile treatment service, mental health service providers will work with the police on crisis control and ‘street triage’.

Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland System Resilience Group will bring together ambulance, NHS 111, out-of-hours and Single Point of Access services, and enable a same-day response team with GPs, acute home-visiting and crisis response services, community nursing, older peoples’ assessment unit and urgent care centres.

Solihull Together for Better Lives, including Solihull CCG, hope to create a system focused on preventative out of hospital care with rapid access to specialist care, and wellbeing centres in the community and in hospitals.

South Devon and Torbay System Resilience Group will develop at least two new urgent care centre facilities, prioritising areas of higher deprivation and co-locate primary care facilities with A&E and urgent care centres. It will also share primary care records with the out-of-hours provider.


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