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PHE: Collaborative commissioning guide for sexual health

PHE: Collaborative commissioning guide for sexual health


Official guidance on effective commissioning of sexual health services has been released by Public Health England (PHE). 

The document calls for collaborative working between commissioning organisations, stating that a larger “commissioning footprint” can be the most economical way to improve outcomes. 

However to do this, commissioning organisations will need to “build trust” to improve local situations. 

Making it work focuses on how commissioning bodies need to work together to ensure a seamless experience for patients. 

But the guide also addresses how local areas can make a difference to their local populations by tackling the “causes rather than the symptoms”. 

The guide, released last week, is aimed at clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), local government and NHS England. 

Duncan Selbie, PHE chief executive wrote: “Whole system commissioning requires a commitment to meticulous collaboration, an alignment of values and principles, an agreement on processes and mechanisms and a willingness to work differently. 

“If the guide has a key message it is that best outcomes for people and for populations depend on effective collaboration and cooperation. We will get there faster when we share our experiences of integrated working and I hope this guide serves as a significant contribution towards making this a reality everywhere.”

The guide is available to view on the Public Health England website.


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