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'Partnership' launched to improve Trusts

'Partnership' launched to improve Trusts


The Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the NHS Trust Development Agency (TDA) have pledged to work together when supporting NHS Trusts that fail to meet national standards of quality and safety.

A partnership agreement, which puts patients first and commits them to supporting each other when carrying out their respective roles, has been signed by the CQC as the quality regulator and the TDA as the quality ‘improver’. 

It sets out how the organisations will improve information-sharing, better identify problems and reduce duplication.

Details of the partnership agreement, released today include a commitment to:

 - Advise on the quality of care provided by NHS Trusts; including, those applying to become NHS Foundation Trusts

 - Hold to account NHS Trusts that do not meet national standards

 - Build effective systems for how information about the quality of care in NHS Trusts is shared between the two organisations, in order to listen to people’s views and to identify problems quickly

 - Work closely on the assessment of Foundation Trust applications to ensure there is a shared view about the quality of care prior to decisions being made.

David Behan, CQC chief executive said: “By working closely with the TDA, we will be able to develop a shared view on NHS Trusts applying to become Foundation Trusts and we’ll be able to respond to the public’s concerns in a more coordinated manner.” 

David Flory, chief executive of the NHS Trust Development Authority said: “This Partnership Agreement sets out our commitment to working together with CQC in a joined-up way for the benefit of patients. It explains the principles on which our relationship is based and details our joint priorities for the coming months."


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