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Older people scheme launched by CCG

Older people scheme launched by CCG


Leicester City clinical commissioning group (CCG) has introduced ‘care navigators’ to keep patients aged over 75 out of hospital. 

For example, the give care navigators will assess people who may have fallen, and offer extra help so that they will be able to stay at home rather than go to hospital or a care home. 

The navigators are given referrals from GPs, occupational health therapists and community matrons. 

The team will look at all aspects of physical and mental health, and can also make referrals to social services if the patient needs help with washing or cleaning. 

Jo Ford, one of the navigators employed by Leicester City Council said: “There are things we can do, such as putting in hand rails and grab rails or providing special ‘perching’ stools so people can still prepare their meals. 

“We can also make sure the person has access to specialist nurses where necessary. All these things can make a massive difference to people.” 

Dr Nitin Joshi, GP lead and board member of Leicester City CCG, said: "This continuity of care means the navigator will be equipped with the patient's full medical history, which will allow them to make better informed decisions about the patients' healthcare."

Dr Joshi saidthe CCG hopes patients would feel more assured and comfortable by having the same person to talk to each time they made contact.


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