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NHS England allows CCG 'opt in' to primary care commissioning

NHS England allows CCG 'opt in' to primary care commissioning


Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) can now ‘opt in’ to co-commissioning primary care with NHS England. 

Applicants will need to meet a number of tests, showing they can improve care integration, raise standards and cut inequalities in primary care. 

CCGs will also need to show how they will ensure transparent and fair governance, and NHS England will continue to safeguard against conflicts of interest. 

NHS England has given a deadline of June 20 for applications, the same date that CCGs will complete their five-year plans for local services. 

CCGs should discuss their application with the local area team, who will make a recommendation for approval to the NHS England board. 

Speaking at the scheme’s launch, newly appointed NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens said primary care co-commissioning is a “bold step” which will help “local clinicians to exercise more clout over how services are developed.” 

“That means giving local CCGs greater influence over the way that NHS funding is being invested for their local populations. CCGs are still young organisations at different stages of development, and with different local needs. 

“So rather than specifying a one-size-fits all solution, and having listened carefully to what CCGs have been saying, I’m keen to hear from CCGs themselves about what next step they would like to explore,” he said. 

NHS England will also be looking into how CCGs can have more impact on specialised commissioning. 


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