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NHS £2bn funding gap revealed

NHS £2bn funding gap revealed


NHS England is facing a funding gap of up to £2 billion for the next financial year, it has been revealed. 

The gap, which makes up about 2% of the NHS budget, was revealed to the BBC by unnamed “senior health sources”. 

In a statement, the Department of Health said: "The NHS is on track to make £20bn savings this parliament and we are confident that it will continue to make the savings necessary to meet rising demand."

And the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said he is confident in the sustainability of the NHS. 

Hunt cited a report from the US-based think tank, the Commonwealth Fund, rated the NHS top out of the healthcare systems in 11 leading countries for effective, safe, co-ordinated and patient-centred care. 

However, Chris Ham, chief executive of healthcare charity The King’s Fund said there is a real risk that some hospitals could run out of money. 

Chair of the RCGP, Dr Maureen Baker said: “This alarming gap in funding is of serious concern to everyone working in the NHS and every patient being cared for by the NHS. 

“In general practice, we are already seeing the disastrous consequences of funding that is shrinking each year, and the impact this is having on patient care, through longer waiting times, shorter appointment times and burned out doctors.”


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