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More than 45 CCGs removed all conditions

More than 45 CCGs removed all conditions


Significant progress has been made in the first post-authorisation review of CCGs, NHS England has revealed. 

A further 46 CCGs have fully removed all conditions and directions, meaning they have satisfied all 119 criteria. 

Two CCGs have addressed all concerns, meaning that legal directions have been lifted and they have been recommended for full authorisation. 

A total of 152 CCGs (72%) are now without conditions. The number of CCGs with directions has been reduced from 14 to eight. 

Barbara Hakin, chief operating officer and NHS England deputy chief executive said it is an “outstanding achievement”. 

She said: “Working together, we have made huge progress to ensure these new organisations bring real benefits to local people. 

“We also recognise that this is just the beginning. Work will continue with CCGs to mitigate all conditions and directions and continually develop to become truly great clinical commissioners which deliver great patient outcomes.” 

By the end of 2013/14, any CCGs with conditions still remaining should be mainstreamed into the ongoing assurance process meaning separate conditions reviews will no longer be run.


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