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Monitor funds £3.2m strategic review for CCGs

Monitor funds £3.2m strategic review for CCGs


Two clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) are working with Monitor, NHS England and the NHS Trust Development Authority (NHSTDA) on a strategic review of local health services. 

Bedfordshire CCG and Milton Keynes CCG asked the national bodies to work together to help them undertake the review. 

Monitor will be covering the £3.2 million cost of the detailed assessment of future health needs, which will involve engagement with local communities, clinicians and healthcare providers. 

A statement from Monitor claims this represents “good value for money”, compared with the local NHS trusts’ combined annual losses, which currently stand at around £23 million. 

The review will analyse current provision of health services in Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire and the clinical and financial problems at the local trusts. 

Jeannie Ablett, chief officer at Milton Keynes CCG said: “It is essential that we commission health services that meet the needs of people in Milton Keynes. We will use the review to talk to people about what services they need and how they want them delivered. 

“We are pleased the national bodies have agreed to support the review as it allows us to commit all our resources toward buying healthcare services for local people.” 

Jonathan Guppy, senior enforcement director at Monitor said: “Monitor may be providing the money but this is a partnership approach that relies on the local clinical commission groups, working alongside clinicians and the public, to find ways of delivering local care in appropriate and sustainable ways.” 

Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is in breach of its license and predicting losses of £17 million this year. Monitor will make regulatory decisions about the Trust to help protect the continuity of local services. 

McKinsey and Company will be working with the CCGs on the review, which will result in a written report this summer. 


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