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Monitor to aggregate models of care to improve NHS

Monitor to aggregate models of care to improve NHS


Monitor is launching an analysis into how England could learn from successful models of care in other countries. 

The health sector regulator will be looking into how acute services are provided in France, Germany, Canada and America to see what lessons the NHS can learn. 

Monitor will be looking into how other countries set clinical standards and set out to achieve quality care across a range of services including stroke, maternity and A&E. 

The analysis will be used to create models of care which can be adapted by the NHS to deliver equivalent or better services more efficiently. 

Amy Caldwell-Nichols, project director at Monitor said: "The challenges facing our NHS are well known and it is accepted that we must change and improve in order to survive.

"We think there could be practical lessons that the NHS can learn from other countries."

The project follows on from the Facing the Future: smaller acute providers report published in June 2014. 

The report claimed that the NHS as a whole needs to prepare for the expected changes by identifying new models of care or or exploring new ways to integrate primary, community and social care with lower risk urgent and elective care.

Monitor will share the comparative evidence on acute providers and its findings later this year.


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