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Liverpool CCG cracks down on sunbed use

Liverpool CCG cracks down on sunbed use


Liverpool CCG is supporting a campaign to enforce licensing for sunbed outlets. 

Together with Liverpool City Council and Cancer Research UK, the CCG is lobbying the government for all sunbed outlets to have clear information about the health dangers associated with sunbed use. 

According to the organisations, Liverpool has a significant problem with sunbed use compared to other parts of England. 

The Look to Die For campaign is calling for each sunbed business to be properly supervised, providing protective eyewear for users, while also giving detailed information about how to use a sunbed. 

Studies have shown that using sunbeds before the age of 35 increases the risk of malignant melanoma by almost 60%. 

But 50% percent of 15-17 year olds in Liverpool have used a sunbed.

Sara Osborne, head of policy at Cancer Research UK, said: “Adults need to know about these risks before they decide to use sunbeds. That’s why the Government must ensure that all sunbed businesses provide clear and accurate health information to the public and require all local authorities to properly license their activities.”

Councillor Roy Gladden, assistant cabinet member and Cancer Champion for Liverpool City Council said: “The link to skin cancer from sunbeds is well documented and we just want to ensure that everyone in England, no matter where you live, has the right to know the risks of using sunbeds so that they can make an informed choice about using them.” 

In England, only Nottinghamshire and London are able to license sunbed businesses to ensure that they take steps to protect the health of their customers. 

The local council has also set up a Facebook page and a YouTube channel showing fake-tan tutorials to dissuade people from using sunbeds. 


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