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'Legal directions' still enforced on seven CCGs

'Legal directions' still enforced on seven CCGs


Seven clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) still have legal directions on their authorisation from NHS England. 

The CCGs with legal directions will continue to receive formal, legally-underpinned support from NHS England.  

The clinical commissioning groups of Barnet, Basildon and Brentwood, Croydon, Thurrock, Vale of York, Waltham Forest, Scarborough and Ryedale are still under legal directions from NHS England. 

One CCG had all legal directions removed.

At NHS England’s CCG authorisation and assurance committee earlier this month, 28 CCGs had all their remaining conditions removed, while another 51 CCGs had the number of conditions reduced. 

Now, a total of 180 clinical commissioning groups have been fully authorised by NHS England. 

Dame Barbara Hakin, NHS England chief operating officer and deputy chief executive said: “The remaining seven CCGs that have legal directions in place will continue to receive formal, legally-underpinned support from NHS England. 

“With the support in place, we can assure the communities in those areas that health commissioning and management will continue to be done to a very high standard and that the support will be removed once the CCG has fully satisfied the authorisation requirements.” 

Surrey Downs CCG is now fully authorised. Chief officer Miles Freeman said: “As an organisation we have come a long way in a very short space of time so it’s a real credit to our staff, and all their hard work, that our final conditions have been removed and that we are now a fully authorised organisation.  

“While the authorisation process is now complete, we will continue to monitor how we operate and where we can further strengthen our processes to make sure we are continually improving and developing as an organisation.”


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