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Issues found in BCF applications

Issues found in BCF applications


Clarifications for Better Care Fund applications have been released by NHS England following a number of issues. 

NHS England found that previous guidelines may have been unclear on what figures were required to be entered into the templates. 

There was also a calculation error found in the Better Care Fund Allocations spreadsheet. 

According to NHS England, this “did not affect overall clinical commissioning group (CCG) contributions, but did affect the division of CCG totals between multiple health and wellbeing boards. The affected CCGs and HWBs have been contacted directly about the change.” 

A clarification post released by NHS England revealed that a many areas did not submit valid baseline and target figures. 

And there was also limited description about how areas would spend their £185 million allocation to support the Care Bill reforms. 

The NHS England statement read: “Some of the issues were the result of ambiguities in some of the documentation provided.” 

Updated guidance is available to view on the NHS England website


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