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Government offers £5.5m voluntary fund

Government offers £5.5m voluntary fund


At least £5.5 million in funding to support voluntary and community health and wellbeing organisations has been pledged by the government. 

The Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development (IESD) Fund is for voluntary groups that work towards improving health and wellbeing for people in England. 

The money will go towards testing and developing new ways of working in the health and social care system which could develop sustainable business models for the future, as well as improved ways of working towards good outcomes. 

 Voluntary groups that demonstrate a commitment to the government’s key priorities could benefit from the fund. The key priorities are:

 - Personalisation and choice of care and support 

 - Delivering better health and care outcomes 

 - Improving public health 

 - Improving long-term care and support 

 - Delivering safe and compassionate care. 

In the last funding round 49 projects were recommended for the funding. They are now being implemented across the country, covering a range of areas from addressing health inequalities in men to supporting people living with dementia. 

Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb said: “This new round of funding will improve the lives of thousands of people across the UK, helping them to lead healthier and more independent lives.

“It is crucial that we continue to champion our voluntary organisations, because their expertise allows them to design and develop innovative solutions to the big challenges we face in health, public health and social care.” 


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