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Good governance should focus on "positive outcomes"

Good governance should focus on "positive outcomes"


NHS England has asked clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to share their views and experiences of good governance.

CCGs are currently working with the Corportate Governance Institute (CGI) to develop and progress governance arrangements that fit their organisation’s aims and structure.

The project will consist of a range of tools to support CCGs and engage key groups, including clinicians, to contribute to achieving the desired outcomes for patients.

Head of primary care and corporate business at NHS Isle of Wight CCG, Caroline Morris had posted a blog on the CGI website on her CCG’s approach to governance.

Morris believes that good governance should “focus on positive outcomes” and believes that “escalating bureaucratisation” impacts negatively on innovation.

Writing in her blog, Morris said: “When NHS Isle of Wight CCG was thinking about the kind of CCG we wanted to be, we thought about our values and behaviours, and then wrote those into a governance framework. This included concepts like fairness, empathy, engagement, courage and respect, and attributes such as minimising bureaucracy, embracing change, and maximising access.

"We wanted stakeholders to understand the values of the organisation and how they have been translated into governance, and ultimately the tangible impact these supported."

Morris believes that if governance arrangements are to be successfully integrated into management activity, the progress towards organisational objectives and outcomes should reflect good governance.

She wrote: "Good governance allows an organisation to successfully ‘know itself’, which will aid its own performance and, ultimately, improve outcomes for patients.”

The blog invites members of CCGs, clinicians, non-executive directors and managers to get involved with the discussion on Linked and test different tools to support the organisations in their area.

It also asks key stakeholders to complete a survey at the CCG governance website to inform the work they are carrying out.


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