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Employees 'forced to miss lunch breaks'

Employees 'forced to miss lunch breaks'


Employees are facing increased pressure to work longer hours and miss their lunch breaks, a new survey has suggested.

One in five workers is never able to take a lunch break, while 60% of people regularly skip them, according to a study by

The poll of 1,800 job seekers also revealed that more than half of them rarely left the office on time in their current job, with a quarter saying they felt lucky if they were able to leave on time a couple of times a month.

One in five respondents said they were unable to remember the last time they took a lunch break, although women were more likely to take regular breaks than men.

Some 46% of women said they took a lunch break everyday, compared with just 33% of men.

Men also admitted to working longer hours, with 13% leaving on time every day compared with 18% of women.

Tony Wilmot, founder of, said: "Lunch breaks are rapidly becoming a thing of the past with public and private sector organisations making cutbacks, pressure on employees is increasing.

"Therefore workers feel the need to work longer hours and 'dine al desko' in order to show employers their worth."

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