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CSU 'roadmap' released by NHS England

CSU 'roadmap' released by NHS England


A 'roadmap' to support the development of high-quality commissioning support units (CSUs) has been launched by NHS England.

The document sets out the the building blocks for developing a 'vibrant market' which will enable CCGs and other commissioners to choose from the best providers. 

Announced at the Commissioning Show in London, the strategy paper was launched at the same time as a mobile app which lists CSUs and their unique selling points. 

Rosamond Roughton, NHS England's national director for commissioning development believes the NHS needs to “rapidly evolve” to meet the demands of modern healthcare. 

She said: ““If commissioning is to deliver better value for money and better quality and outcomes for patients, it must be taken to a new level – clinically led, professional and streamlined.

“This means being capable of securing quality today whilst leading the transformation of services for tomorrow. Commissioners will not be able to achieve this on their own.” 

Roughton added that it is important for CCGs to retain their “clinical focus”, while being supported by excellent, affordable CSUs. 

She said: “Truly transformational change won’t happen by accident and there needs to be a real understanding of support needs, where to access the best services to meet this need and to help stimulate the market to ensure this is achieved. 

“This strategy is taking the first practical steps towards making this a reality and I am delighted to announce its launch today.”

The strategy,  Towards commissioning excellence: a strategy for commissioning support services, aims to enable CCGs to have an informed choice of CSUs and the services they provide. 

NHS England believes the strategy will build a strong cohort of commissioning support providers, in time for them to be made autonomous in 2016. 

CSUs should also strengthen collaboration between themselves and the voluntary sector, and the strategy will encourage that, according to NHS England. 

In the autumn, NHS England will publish an update on the progress made across the key building blocks of the strategy along with the second stage of  the strategy to describe  the process and next steps for giving NHS CSUs full autonomy.


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