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COPD training scheme piloted by CCG

COPD training scheme piloted by CCG


Southern Derbyshire clinical commissioning group (CCG) will be piloting the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) scheme that saved Leicester City CCG £350,000. 

Late last week The Commissioning Review reported Leicester City will be expanding their pilot, which was provided to a 50-person cohort of patients and saved more than £353,000 in its first 26 weeks.

Leicester City CCG has chosen to upscale the current model from 50 patients to 150 existing COPD patients and 250 newly diagnosed COPD patient. 

Now Southern Derbyshire CCG has launched the coaching service pilot for 100 patients known to be at risk of readmission to the local hospital, Royal Derby. 

The COPD patients will be given a number to call to speak to a health coach who will support them to understand their condition. Qualified nurses will man the phone lines. 

Selected patients with COPD will be given a number to call to speak to a health coach who will help them to improve their own ability to manage their condition effectively. 

Dr Sheila Newport, Southern Derbyshire CCG chair said: “One of our key priorities is to provide the best possible care for patients suffering from COPD - which is one of the most prevalent conditions for which our 57 GP practices refer. 

“That’s why we’re launching these programmes, which will help patients manage their condition while experiencing the benefits of regular, gentle exercise. The emphasis will be on patients caring for themselves and staying as healthy as they can.” 

The CCG is expecting to award a contract for the pulmonary rehabilitation service early in the New Year. 


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