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Commissioning for value data packs now online

Commissioning for value data packs now online


Data packs to help area teams and clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) commission for value have now been published online. 

The packs – which were sent to CCGs and area teams in October 2013 – aim to show “where to look” for opportunities to improve outcomes and increase value for local populations. 

NHS England said the information “will support discussions about prioritising areas for change and utilising resources, and will help local leaders make improvements in healthcare quality, outcomes and efficiency”.

The packs, which triangulate data on spend, outcome and quality at a programme budget level, are organised by area team, with separate interactive versions for CCGs. 

The PDF data packs are available here: 

 - London Commissioning Region

 - Midlands and East of England Commissioning Region

 - North of England Commissioning Region   

 - South of England Commissioning Region

The Commissioning for Value Tool allows users to view maps, charts and tables for the indicators in the packs across CCGs, and to view a spine chart of all the indicators for one or more CCGs.

The Commissioning for Value Explorer allows the user to explore the relationships between two indicators using maps and scatter plots.


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