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Commissioning Live: Care and Support Minister announces ‘pioneer programme’

Commissioning Live: Care and Support Minister announces ‘pioneer programme’


A ‘pioneer programme’ to help commissioners share innovation  was announced by Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb at Commissioning Live

Speaking to the room of over 400 people, the Liberal Democrat said that in order for best practice to be shared, it first has to be identified. 

“We will share the good practice that already exists in the NHS by setting up a national framework,” Lamb (pictured) said. 

‘Imaginative’ commissioning

He admitted that local communities can “spread innovation far more effectively than [the government] can” and asked for commissioners to be imaginative in the way they start to develop the system after April 1. 

“Real leaders push through the boundaries of what’s possible. We’ve got to shift from what I’d call an exclusive way of providing services to an inclusive way.” 

Lamb noted that the current healthcare system is “terribly fragmented,” which means that some patients can fall through the cracks. 

He said: “Our healthcare system has almost institutionalised fragmentation. We have been separating healthcare from mental health care, we've been separating primary care from secondary care. It's bizarre from the point of view of the patient.” 

He said changes must be made to integrate care and make the system more “rational”. 

"Integrated care is a key answer to the challenge. Integration can help us to improve and save money at the same time," Norman Lamb said.

Coalition ‘fan’

Norman Lamb revealed he's a “fan of the coalition.” 

He said: “I'm a fan because it encourages people to think in a different way. Jeremy [Hunt, Health Secretary] hasn't stopped me from doing anything, he's actually allowed me to follow my passion for integrated care.”

Lamb added: “He's willing to try new things to find out what works.”


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