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'Radical change' to youth mental health services needed

'Radical change' to youth mental health services needed


"Radical changes" to the way children's services are designed, commissioned and delivered has been called for by commissioners. 

At an event late last week, mental health commissioners said there is a lack of good quality, contemporaneous data and increasing pressure of services. 

The delegates also revealed worries about: 

 - The need for parity of esteem and funding for young people's mental health services.

 - The negative impact of age-based cut-off points for services.

 - The impact of silo working in agencies responsible for young people's health and wellbeing. 

Members of the Mental Health Commissioners Network (MHCN), part of NHS Clinical Commissioners, called for young people’s mental health to be recognised as the national issue it is, with budgets and resources allocated appropriately. 

The group also recommended that a mental health impact assessment should be included in all government policy.



It is the role of the commissioners themselves to allocate monies to their perceived priorities. I agree entirely that youth mental health needs investment. What's going to give to accommodate that though?

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